We just got back from an incredible trip to the Mid-west. We saw so much of Gods beautiful country and so many wonderful people, it makes me fell truly blessed to be alive.

Our trip was long and tiring, but the amazing things we saw and all the fun things we got to do made it worth it.


The first National park we went was the Grand Tetons. In this picture the Tetons look so small and insignificant, but the best word to describe them is Incredible.

The second place we went was Yellowstone National park, I have been told to go there since I was a little girl and it does not disappoint. Every ten minutes I was asking Stephen to pull over so I could get another photo, the beautiful views we saw never seemed to end.


Yellowstone is huge there so many places to go, in our time there we saw rain, sun, clouds and our last morning in the park we saw snow!

waterfallOld FaithfulLower Yellowstone falls,

Old Faithful geyser








With all the steam from the geysers I survived our snowy excursion.

Snow!With so much snow in Yellowstone all the exits became blocked, except for the west exit. Wanting to head east to Rapid City, South Dakota we had to go out and around Yellowstone adding more drive time.

bad landsBadlands National Park is really beautiful, despite its name and was sunny but really windy the day we went.



CusterWe drove through Custer State Park and saw a bunch of wild donkeys begging for food.



Mount Rushmore

I have always wanted to see Mount Rushmore and seeing it with friends made it so much better!

If you ever go to South Dakota the Reptile Gardens is a must see if you have kids or are simply a child at heart.


Then we began our long way home, traveling through Montana to Idaho to stay with family. At my Aunt and Uncle’s we played with baby chic’s, planted potatoes, took a stroll on the beach, explored a gold mine and took a lake cruise.

MineAn Extraordinary Trip!!

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