Some of My Favorite Things

Some of My Favorite Things

My life is filled with imperfections, but there are many things I enjoy despite the problems my life presences. I am crazy about food and luckily I have a body type that makes it relatively easy to eat what I
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I love eating it. I am not particularity a morning person, but every Sunday morning as a little girl growing up in my parents house my mother would make a phenomenal Sunday brunch, making breakfast (when done properly) my favorite meal of the day.

My favorite food to eat (other than breakfast food of course) is pizza. I have never eaten a pizza I didn’t like, I’m picky about what is on top of my pizza, but if it’s just a basic cheese pizza I won’t complain!

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

Thanksgiving is a great holiday with the family all around and the food that seems to have no end, fancy food is not my favorite for a large meal (I’m a cheap girl), but Thanksgiving with my family never disappoints.

My husband and I eat about once a week at Taco Bell, we love it and base any future home on it’s proximity to a Taco Bell. My husbands love of Taco Bell started when he was a child but mine began in high school with a good friend of ours who absolutely loves Taco Bell and made a tradition of eating there weekly. It may not be a cheese pizza, but Taco Bell is still pretty awesome!

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