Disabilities are hard, whether they consume your whole life or only part of it. Some people I know seem to complain so much about the few disabilities they have, but others with the same disabilities just learn to deal with them without complaint. Some can seem to handle hardships and pain, while others act as if the world is ending. Disabilities are not a unique thing; so many people have disabilities and that makes me feel less damaged, because I’m not the only one.

“People see the disability, before they see the person.”

As humans we all have to do things we don’t like, even though my life looks leisure I can’t do what I should have to and because I can’t do what I should then I really want to. Having commitments is better than having none. In my life I still don’t do all I should every day simply because I don’t want to. It’s hard to not get mad sometime when people judge how I choose to live without trying to understand why. 

“Walk a mile in my shoes. See what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, then maybe you’ll understand, why I do what I do, until then don’t judge me.”


In life when you have so much, you only see what you lack, and when you have very little, you don’t see what you lack. That isn’t always how it happens, but it’s pretty accurate. People who have very little seem to be happier than those who have much more because they learn to do without and make do with what they have. While those with more seem to only want more and are constantly unsatisfied. My body lacks so many physical abilities and that makes me sad, but I learn to do without and use what abilities I have. While others seem unsatisfied with how their body looks or functions, but sometimes you need to be satisfied with however much your body has and not focus on what it lacks. 

“A struggle is a struggle, it’s intensity is based on how you handle it.”

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