Difficult Moments

Difficult Moments

Difficult moments are a part of everyone’s life, I have been through so many in my life that dealing with one more shouldn’t be this difficult. Every moment in my life has led up to this one and I ask myself would I be willing to change some of my good moments to erase some of the bad ones? No, because in life we need to accept the good and the bad moments together, because the good moments aren’t as good without the bad. 

In the bible there is a story of a man who believed even though everything in his life was taken from him, I may have lost a lot in my life but I haven’t lost everything and it is so important to remind myself of all I have instead of remembering all I have lost.


My life has been ruff I was bitten by a snake, I was bitten by a dog, I slowly lost the use of my legs, I lost my baby girl… not to mention so much other drama in my family. Through it all I have held on to my sanity and mixed in with the bad moments were so many good ones: I went away for high school and made so many great friends I still have, I married a wonderful man who made me a part of his family and gave me so many incredible moments.

FamilyWhile camping with family this summer our nephew Laurence pointed to me and said “that’s aunt Alicia, she gives me rides”(in my wheelchair). Aunt Alicia may not have been the title I wanted, but it’s a title I’m not ashamed of. The bad moments may outweigh the good, but the good are very good.

“Difficult Roads often Lead to Beautiful Destinations”

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