I don’t do very much in my daily life so when the weekend comes around and with my husbands help I don’t have to be a hermit, sometimes I go a little crazy. I love spring and so far, this month I have found something to do every weekend. 

Sun is great but I seem to have forgotten how badly I can burn and being inside most of the time it doesn’t take very long in the sun to turn my fair skin into an uncomfortable red shell. Being able to spend time outside is awesome for me no matter how I choose to spend the time, I come back feeling good and happy. Even if I am a little sunburned. 


We live near the Russian River and driving around in my electric wheelchair I discovered a path I could take to get on to the beach. It’s still hard for me to get in the water, but it’s so exciting that I can get on the beach. It’s not fun being in a wheelchair all the time and having difficulty getting places I want to go, but just because I think it’s impossible doesn’t mean it is. 


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!” – Audrey Hepburn 

My husband likes to go on hiking trips and it disappoints me that I can’t go along and see the beautiful things he gets to see. So, since men like to buy expensive toys he bought a quad chopper with a built-in camera. Now he can record parts of his hiking trips and other things that are hard for me to get to and see. 

Quad Chopper

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