Wedding Jitters

Wedding Jitters

Down the isleBefore my wedding, I was so nervous. Not about this man I loved so deeply, but the ceremony, being the center of attention and being the one everyone would watch walk down the isle. And the fact that I couldn’t walk down the isle made me feel like a pitiful excuse for a bride.

This is the moment every girl dreams of; the one thing everyone wants and I had it, I had found the love of my life and I was going to have the perfect wedding. I never doubted that I loved Stephen and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, but I often wondered if with all my imperfections, I was good enough for him.

The week before the wedding was so stressful for me, I kept thinking over every little detail so everything would be perfect and I wouldn’t forget anything. I still forgot things, but it didn’t take the importance¬†away from that big day and I constantly wish I had enjoyed it a little more and stressed a little less.

My friend Sarah came to stay with me for the week before the wedding, Sarah and Ito calm my nerves and help me remember I was a perfect me and that was who Stephen wanted to marry.


No matter how nervous I was on our wedding I have never regretted that day, the things that scare you are usually the most worthwhile.

P.S. The baby was a high school project.

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