With my disease the emotional pain of trying and failing makes it easier to simply not try at all, but by not trying I have already failed.

When I first met my husband, I was daring, I loved trying new things because I didn’t often fail and I loved the excitement of being a teenager.  One of my favorite stories of me epic-ly failing was in high

High School
High School

school, I was driving my electric wheelchair and decided to drive up the curb in front of my high school gym. As my wheelchair flipped over I suddenly realized what an incredibly stupid idea that was being as the curb is meant to keep wheels off the sidewalk and thought to myself “well I’ll never do that again”. As I lay with my chair tipped on its side, my friends rushed to my side to see if I was alright, feeling embarrassed, perfectly uninjured and not knowing what else to say I asked “how’s my hair?”.

Humor is one of my favorite ways of avoiding awkwardness, making people laugh is far better than making them cry and I’m a sympathetic crier so when someone else starts crying I can’t help but want to also. I could look pathetic or funny in this story and since I almost always look pathetic I decided to be funny and I’m glad I chose that cause otherwise this would not be a cute story to tell.

I don’t have many other stories like this one because I became scared of trying in life cause I felt like I was only ever disappointed and my limitations made me less likable as a person, but the right kind of people can look past the barriers and that was all I needed.

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