The words we say

The words we say

The tongue is such a small part of anatomy but yet can cause so much change. With words, we have the ability to cause great blessings or great damage. Words have great power, and it’s a cliche but with great power comes great responsibility.

I know I have gotten mad and said hurtful words that I later regret, Everyone has because words that you shouldn’t have said come out so easily sometimes.

“Even when you’re mad, think before you talk. The words you say can only be forgiven not forgotten.”

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me…

This was probably said as a pep talk “you can survive the hurtful things people say”. Sadly we can now fully comprehend how deeply words can hurt, the pain can last much longer than the damage sticks or stones can cause.

As a teenager, my disease began to become a noticeable issue and my older sister (the one with Friedreich’s Ataxia as well as me) let everyone know that she wasn’t as sick as I was. I was bitten by a snake when I was six and I still don’t fully understand how, but the snake’s Venom combined with my disease made me sicker than my older sister. I understand now how telling others she wasn’t as sick as I was made her feel better about herself, but it was still so hurtful to listen to.

“Words don’t have power to hurt you, unless the person who says those words means a lot to you.”

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