Sweet Addiction

Sweet Addiction

I live for chocolate, I can go without now and then, but days when I have to consciously do without, that day doesn’t feel complete.

I have been addicted to chocolate for what feels like forever now, it is something I don’t like to have to live without. It may sound like I’m overreacting after all its just chocolate, but we all have things that make us not complain so much about the tough stuff in our lives and this is mine. My life is especially tough, if I make it through the week or even the day without crying I consider myself to be doing well. 


“If you can’t remember my name, Just say chocolate… I’ll turn around.” 

I am lucky because my love of chocolate hasn’t caused another issue for me such as diabetes or obesity, it’s easier going through life looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. 

Recently I have had an infection and every time I eat chocolate or any other type of sugar I get worse the next morning, so I have had to do without for a while. When this infection is gone I will probably eat way too much chocolate in one sitting and make myself sick. 

I hope you all have a yummy and chocolaty Easter!

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