Everyone gets sick, we can’t avoid it. Some people get sicker than others because of a weak immune system, but no matter how hard we try not to get sick, sometimes we just can’t avoid it.

When your sick you often feel like laying around and being a bum, which is ok, your sick. For me when I’m sick I feel achy and sleepy and I want to wine about everything, despite that I’m told I’m more fun to be around when I’m sick than when I’m well. Which makes me mad, not mad at the person who said it, but mad at myself for being that way.

When I’m not sick I see myself with so many flaws I can’t stand it and get mad at what others must do for me because I can’t do them for myself. But when I’m sick I am a normal person because everyone is a bum when their sick and I can be a perfect bum.

“You don’t appreciate your health till your sick.”

Luckily with a simple flu or cold you get back whatever amount of health you had before and it gives you a new appreciation for your body and your health. Sadly not all sicknesses go away so easily and take more time and work to get rid of and others no amount of time or work can get rid of.

So remember that even though your day may not be going the way you want someone somewhere is having an even worse day.

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