I am not very good with sharing what is on my mind. Talking and writing are hard for me, but typing is something I can do without much difficulty, that’s why this blog is so important to me. Everyone has problems, but sometimes mine seem to overshadow who I am. 

When I talk I often slur my words and it makes them hard to understand. If I’m tired it feels difficult to push enough air out of my lungs to make my words audible. 

If people only knew the thoughts in my mind I want so badly to say, but don’t because I’m afraid I won’t be heard or understood. I think I would be very fun to be around if it was easier for me to communicate everything that I want to. I try as hard as I can but talking is never easy.

Our cat Snickers

That’s why this blog is something I like to do often. All week I have thoughts running around in my mind I like to share, since talking isn’t easy typing a post on my blog is how I choose to share. 

“Sometimes sharing your thoughts is the only therapy you need.” 

Sharing emotional things in my life is difficult because I can’t always find the right words to say to make others understand, plus I often just want to cry and then it comes out as blubbering. When I write a blog post though the words come out much easier and I can type while crying (which I have done many times) and still share what I can’t always say. 

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  1. I always enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Hang in there. We all love you very much. Big hugs and prayers.

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