Sad Things

Sad Things

Whenever I watch a sad movie, it tends to put me in a sour mood. Not forever, but some things shouldn’t be thought or imagined because they would make life unbearable if they were true. I don’t often watch sad movies, life is upsetting enough without adding to it. 

Even if you don’t watch sad movies or read sad books, you can’t help but be assaulted by the news going on in our world today. No matter what you do it seems life has a way of bringing down a good mood. 

Throughout history news has brought us upsetting realities we need to know but wish we could forget: The Holocaust, the bombing of pearl Harbor and 9/11. These are only a few of the historic events that need no further explanation and as life has taught us bad things happen to good people. 

One of the many sad things in my life that I haven’t talked about yet is the Loss of my older sister, Not lost as in she died, but lost as in she chooses not to speak with her mother and siblings and didn’t even go see her mother’s mom before she died. I am hurt and angry by her actions, as hard as I try I cannot understand and it will continue to be one of the many sad things in my life. 

We can’t always choose the sad things in our lives, like my sister. We can however try and make our lives happy by adding things we enjoy to it. 

I love this movie!!! Focusing on my favorite things rather than the thunder going on in the world around me was always so inspiring to me.

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