Being a parent is about more than giving life to a child, so much more. Saying that being a parent is one of the most important jobs is taking it lightly, everything you say and do to that child can change the rest of its life for good or bad.

Holding a little person in their arms, I hope the parents realize how difficult the path ahead of them will be. Not just because of the crying and the feedings and the diaper changing, but also the teaching, the caring and the supporting. A child will survive without these things, but will be less of the person they are and the parent they will become.


Raising a child is not a Science, there is no formula for how to raise the perfect child. All we know is by example, by how we were raised. We either want to follow our parents example or swear to do better than we were raised.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” ~ Proverbs 22:6

In my book a good parent is one who gives their child what they need, not always what they want. Caring for your child and instilling good values in them is not only a good parents duty, but a family, friends and communities duty. As they say it takes a village. 

To be a parent doesn’t mean shared DNA or giving birth, but a emotion that runs deeper than a day, an hour or a moment… LOVE. 

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