Memorial Day

Memorial Day


A three day weekend; a break from school or work; sales at the mall. Memorial day has always meant one or all three of these things to me, but never a day of remembrance for those who have died for this nation. Memorial day is a day we remember those who lost their lives to give us all the freedom we have become so accustomed to. Enjoying this day is the best way to honor their lives and what they sacrificed for this country and for each one of us.

“The greatest gift to give is one’s life, and Memorial day is to honor those who gave their lives for this nation” – Me 🙂

In times of war the loved one’s who are left behind often pay the greatest price. We have all seen those old movies where the men at war are fighting for their lives, but the women at home are fighting for their sanity. Because sometimes it is more painful to see someone you love hurt than to experience it yourself.

Taking a moment out of our busy lives to respect the men and women who gave theirs can only help to give us some perspective to appreciate ours.

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