Love & Marriage

Love & Marriage

“In sickness and in health…” those were the words I heard on my wedding day and this man sitting next to me said “I do”. I cannot even begin to explain how much his love and the life he offered me that day meant.

My mother always told me that to find a man who would love me despite my disease would be a rare thing indeed, she was not trying to be mean, but trying to prepare me for the day I fell in love but he didn’t love me in return because of what I couldn’t give him. To love is to give of yourself and expect nothing in return, to me this is what true love is, this is the definition of my husband (Stephen), he constantly gives and doesn’t resent what I can’t give in return. The first year Stephen and I were married was difficult for me, I felt constantly like I needed more space, like he was invading my personal bubble and everything that went wrong was his fault. After that first year I begun to love the times when Stephen would be home, I would look forward to every weekend and wait impatiently every evening till he came home from work. In our second year of marriage my older sister (who also has Friedreich’s ataxia) got married as well. Our weddings were almost identical, we wore the same dress, were carried up the aisle by our father, sat on the same bench with our future husband to say “I do” and were carried down the aisle by our husbands. Symbolic of what our live had been and what they would now be “,,,As long as we both shall live”.


Stephen & Alicia Weston
Stephen & Alicia Weston

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  1. Your lives are filled with such support and love… You deserve so much and you give so much. It is such a gift to read about your commitment!

  2. My dear Alicia, I’ve read all your posts tonight and am so blessed. You are so brave. I love your positive attitude and courage. I cannot imagine having all the heart aches you have had to bare. I’m so grateful to God for giving you such a wonderful young man to love and cherish you. Your life is a constant witness to others. My heart was token foryou both over the loss f your sweet baby girl. I hesitate to mention this as I know it will bring tears, but darlin girl, tears are healing. A good counselor once told me after the loss of my son, to cry, cry ,cry and if I could find someone to cry with me, that was even better, tears are healing. I still have my moments t’s as I’m sure you do. God was good to me and gave me Tim as a comforter and companion. He has been wonderful. My prayer for you is that you will find much joy and comfort in your wonderful husband, family and friends. I love you and wish only the best for you. Enjoy every moment of every day and continue to be the ultimate source of joy to your dear husband. You are each a gift of God to each other.

    1. Thank you so much it is good to hear that my posts are a blessing for me to write and others to read. Crying is a big part of my life and you are so right tears are healing! Thank you for your heart felt sympathy for the loss of our daughter and my heart goes out to you for the loss of your son, no one should have to bear the loss of their child. 💓

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