I don’t like to have limitations, but then again who does, not being able to do something for any reason isn’t fun. sometimes I feel incredibly Limited; there are so many places I can’t go on my wheels and even if I could afford the disability equipment to help me get there (some things are so expensive even equipment for the disabled) I probably wouldn’t have the energy to explore as much as I would like to.

Many people aren’t able to do everything and I am not special in any way, but I never want my limitations to keep me from what and where I enjoy. A cement path is ideal for me to get around on my wheels, but places like the beach have very limited access for me. My husband takes me a lot of the places I want to go and in places where the access is difficult I see what I can from the car window, it’s not ideal but it’s better than nothing.

”The hardest things in your life are the things you want to do the most.”

In the Redwoods
With my hubby exploring the Redwoods

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