It’s 2017!!!

It’s 2017!!!

My New Years resolution is to stop looking back and to look forward, to stop missing who I lost and appreciate who I have, most importantly to be happy. Life has many little moments when you know  exactly what is important and my resolution this year is to remember those things through out the year and never take them for granted.

Being a girl with a incurable disease it is often scary and even upsetting to begin a new year, looking to the future is not something I like to do because no matter how many good things come my way in the future I will always have the promise of my body getting sicker, and that is something nothing can make better.

Even though nothing can make my disease easier to live with, I love to try to find things that make it more enjoyable to be a couch potato. I love to watch movies, it’s my way of escaping my difficult life for a little while. I also eat so much chocolate that my husband has assigned me a chocolate drawer next to my couch so I can have easy access to chocolate while I watch movies, it sounds kinda pathetic, but sadly that is my life.

Fun fact: When we’re down or stressed, a hit of that sweet stuff can make us feel better. Previous studies have shown that chocolate increases serotonin levels in the brain, the same mood-enhancing chemical that the SSRIs, a widely used type of antidepressant, work on.


For Christmas my husband and I went to Salem, Oregon to spend time with his family, we got to see snow!! It was so pretty, I just wanted to share the picture I took.

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