Hello I’m Alicia Weston and welcome to my blog “The life of a girl on wheels” and as the title reveals, I am a girl in a wheelchair. I have a disease called Friedreich’s ataxia, it is best described by watching a movie called “The cake eaters”. The title “The cake eaters” is very stupid in my opinion because they don’t eat cake in the entire film! The main character is played by Kristen Stewart¬†who plays a girl with friedreich’s ataxia, who feels as if she is running out of time and wants to live on the wild side and have sex before she dies. I find the movie quite strange but it does depict how hard it is to be a girl with friedreich’s ataxia.

When I first went away to high school, when I was 17 I told myself “This is it. This is as good as my life will ever get”. I always knew that my disease was progressive and I would just continue to get worse. I am now 24 years old and even though my life is not by anyone’s standards easy, I am a happy woman. I still feel “not good enough” sometime but then other times I ask myself “not good enough for what? Life?” There are so many people in this world who do not appreciate the life they have and others who throw it away so easily. Those who live life with the idea that every day could be their last ( and no I don’t mean they quit their job and don’t clean their house ), are some of the funnest and happiest people I know.

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  1. Your perspective, your words, need to be said, need to be heard… Because you inspire and uplift and help so many. Keep writing!!!!

  2. I am definitely going to be consistently reading your blog. You have such an inspiring perspective on life. You inspired me in just your first post. I am also loving your layout and how well put togther it is. Beautiful pictures of you as well. CS5711

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