In My Heart

In My Heart

For me high school was great, I wasn’t popular or anything but I had a great group of friends who took care of me and looked out for me,  including my future husband. Life up to high school was sheltered and a little secluded and I liked it that way, I am still amazed that I asked my parents to let me go away to a boarding school, and I am stunned and incredibly thankful that they let me.

Since a snake bite at the age of six my mother had noticed troubling neurological symptoms, at the age of twelve I was diagnosed with an incurable neurological disease and at the age of fifteen needed the use of a wheelchair. So it was no surprise that my parents kept me close and wanted to keep me safe, but my future needed more than they could give and I think they understood that.

in my heartThe past few weeks as I was sick and being a perfect couch potato I would spend some of my time (when I wasn’t starring at the tv) looking at the pictures I have in a heart shape on my wall, so many good memories. In my heart, there are a lot of pictures of my time in high school and the wonderful times I had with friends and my future husband. Since high school things in my life have gotten harder adding stress to my life, but I will always have those high school memories that I hold in my heart.

Girls Weekend
(I don’t think my stomach had ever seen sunlight before!) These are some of my girlfriends from high school.

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