In a Moment

In a Moment

A lifetime is filled with millions of moments, moments that can change who you are and who you will be for better or for worst.

“A moment that will change everything is just as unpredictable as a moment that will change nothing.”

“We’re at the hospital.” My mother works at a hospital so that wasn’t an uncommon phrase in my parents house, but talking to my brother I knew it wasn’t a normal visit to the hospital.

The following seconds after my brother said those four terrifying words my mind raced with scenarios of what had happened, of everyone I loved and cared for and hoping everyone was okay. As my brother told me our mother had been in a car accident but only had a badly broken leg and some bruising, I slowly started to breath again.

“Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.”

Her recovery since the accident has not been easy, but I will always be thankful my mother wasn’t taken from me that day.

When we think of life changing moments we think of a babies birth not of a loved ones death, but they are both a part of life. The thought of losing a love one before we are ready to let them go is unbelievably painful and makes you want to live every moment with them as if it is their last.


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