I have always believed we were put on this earth to help each other and the fact that my disease took away my ability to help those that I care about has taken me a long time to learn how to live with, even though I’ve learned how to live with it; I don’t think I could ever learn how to be okay with it. 

I never enjoyed doing my chores and being forced to clean my room I thought was inhumane punishment, I would never know how important it is to be able to do those things until I could no longer do them. Never take for granted something you think your life would be better without, because you may understand one day how important it really was.

“Never take anything for granted…

               Learn to appreciate what you have…

                                 Before it’s no longer yours to appreciate.”

It is in moments of preparation and need when I feel completely and utterly worthless, the feeling of not being able to help when help is needed and you know exactly what to do and how to help is absolutely terrible. There is no perfect word to describe the feeling of inadequacy when I can’t be the wife, daughter, sister or friend that I want to be and offer help I want to give.


“The most useful asset of a person is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love with ears open to listen and hands willing to help.”

I may not be able to give the help I want to, but the beauty in life is to find the perfections in the imperfections.

“Be helpful, when you see a person without a smile… Give them yours!”

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