Father’s Day

Father’s Day

I never knew how important you were until I thought you were gone ~ I Love You Dad.

As the youngest child for nine years, until my little brother was born, I am very much a Daddy’s girl. I loved my mother, But my father was always gone, always working. So spending time with him didn’t come around often, but when it did it meant so much to me. He didn’t work as a big money-making executive but worked hard with his mother in a business my grandparents had built. His childhood was harder than mine and I love him so much for trying to give his children more than he had as a child.

Last year he was diagnosed with bipolar and went through a very long manic phase, with some medication is doing better this year than we thought possible and was home for Father’s Day♥️

My Dad’s life will always be hard and he will always need help, but luckily he has my mom. Through the difficult things our family has dealt with we are still family and don’t shy away from handling one more.

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