Beauty of Spring

Beauty of Spring

Sonoma County is filled with wineries. As a kid I used to think that they were fancy places for wealthy people to get drunk, I’ve grown up a little bit since then and I have a better opinion of them.

I don’t drink, but some winery’s share more than wine and are beautiful to visit. A winery in Napa called the “Castello di Amorosa” has a medieval castle and allowed some family and I to have a photoshoot there. 

Weston Family Photo

This past week we visited another winery called the “Ferrari-Carano Vineyard and Winery” in Healdsburg to see their garden in search of tulips, the garden and grounds were beautiful but no tulips. The gardens are small but pausing every fifty seconds to take pictures (which many of you know I do often) made it seem big.

Taking me places is a challenge, with my wheelchair and all my other thousand pieces (my husband likes to joke about all the things I travel with). I am so grateful to live somewhere I enjoy so much and am thankful I have a husband who doesn’t complain when I make him stop every fifty seconds to take a picture.

One day it won’t be so easy to get out of the house, to enjoy the splendid colors of nature and the beauty of Spring.

“Every moment we spend worrying about tomorrow is a moment we lose from enjoying today.”

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