Aftermath of a fire is never pretty, my husband and I evacuated and we were able to return home, but so many didn’t get that luxury. 

The Tubbs fire began late Sunday evening and moved quickly because of strong winds, giving many little time to evacuate. Killing 23 civilians. burning over six thousand structures to the ground and over thirty-six thousand acres, this fire has caused so much damage those affected will be dealing with it for years to come.

Only one firefighter has been injured while fighting the Tubbs fire and full containment is expected by Oct. 27. I have received many answers as to the meaning of full containment, I have heard it means the fire is out and I have heard it means the fire is surrounded, whatever the answer is it means this tragedy is almost over.

While Evacuating (for those who had time) you realize what is truly important and what isn’t, for me I now see a need for a bug-out-bag. Because this fire moved so quickly and without warning I want to be more prepared next time.

The second act to this tragedy is the long hard road to recovery.

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