A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

I don’t get out that often, and when I do it’s nice to get some sun and some fresh air. Visiting a beautiful park with a lake and aa asphalt path (to make it easy for someone to push me), made my trip getting out of the apartment very enjoyable and the highlight of my week. 

Spring Lake ParkTaking pictures with my phone (it’s too hard with a big heavy camera) is one of my hobbies and it was such a sunny day the pictures Duckswere beautiful. We saw ducks, Turtles (no pictures of them they were in a bad spot), and Canadian geese. Most of the people we saw on the trail around the lake took time out of their schedule to visit the park but seemed more interested in the weight they could lose by walking or jogging around the lake than the nature around them. 

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more then he seeks.” 

Often the simple things in life are taken for granted, until the simple things are gone and then you realize how important they were. But it is hard to make people understand how hard life can be until they know how hard it can be. A stroll (walk) by the lake has always helped me to get a positive perspective on my life. 

”You never notice the beauty, because you’re too busy trying to create your own.” 

Sometimes it seems like it should be so easy to stand up and walk after all the human body was design for it. I don’t have the ability to stand up and walk or many other things I wish I could do, but I can see and enjoy the things around me and that makes me feel so blessed.

Spring Lake

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