A Time to Be Sick

A Time to Be Sick

Being sick is not an enjoyable way to pass the time, sitting and being a bum as I get well isn’t a pleasant change of pace considering I do that every day. As a kid I used to almost enjoy being sick, I got to skip school and lie around watching tv all day and back then it wasn’t something I did often. Things have changed a lot for me, getting sick now on top of having my disease makes getting better a challenge.

It Isn’t very hard to bounce back from something simple like a cold or a cough, but the flu or a virus that keeps you lying around and eating very little for a week or two took longer to bounce back from for me. After about a week of dreaming of eating some of my favorite foods (Taco Bell and Pizza), I finally was able to eat them and began slowly getting some of my muscles to work again (which thankfully didn’t take as long as I was worried it would) that had been put to disuse while I was sick.

No one ever said being human was easy and my life alone is proof of that, but there is a time in life for everything, even to be sick.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1”


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