A Piece of History

A Piece of History

I have never considered myself a history buff but when my grandmother showed me pictures of a Manor in England she once visited where a distant relative of ours, John Eyre had once lived, it excited me more than I thought it would. 

Great Chalfield Manor is a late medieval English manor house located in Wiltshire county England. The manor has been the location of several films including a BBC series called “Wives and Daughters” that was being filmed at Great Chalfield Manor the day my grandparents went to see the manor. So cool!

Great Chalfield Manor
Great Chalfield Manor

Great Chalfield Manor was built in the late 15th century including a church in the courtyard and beautiful surrounding gardens. In the 1999 BBC series “Wives and Daughters” the manor was known as Hamley hall, which was a country house of a squire. I now want to watch a 2008 film based on the historic novel “The Other Boleyn Girl” that was filmed at Great Chalfield Manor as well.


When Great Chalfield Manor was first built it was surrounded by a moat, only a little still survives after all the restorations but the Manor still looks good for such an old building.

To the right is my Grandfather to the left is Bill Paterson (Dr. Gibson in the movie “Wives and Daughters”)

History was a subject I always enjoyed more than Math or English, but I was still surprised by how much I enjoyed learning about this beautiful place.


“If you want to understand today, study the history of yesterday.”

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  1. Awesome post, Alicia! That is so cool that your grandparents were there during the filming of that series and what a lovely place!

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